sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

"Passeio à tarde"

Estou, finalmente, conseguindo ter um pouco mais de tempo para atualizar o blog e até mesmo fazer novas Artes! Então, aguardem que vem muita coisa por aí!
Essa é uma ilustração que terminei ontem, "fresquinha", a qual entitulei "Passeio à tarde".
Todo o processo de criação foi feito na tablet e no Photoshop.
Estou novamente entusiasmada artísticamente e isso é muito, muito bom!

Obrigada a todos pelas visitas, recadinhos e carinho recebidos!

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Anônimo disse...

"I wrote, because I realized you’re the one person I regret not saying goodbye to. I wrote because once upon a time, the only thing that really mattered to me was being your friend. I called because I wanted you to know that despite everything that’s happened and all the miles between us right now, I still think about the way it was in the beginning."

I think that says a lot. :)

About your draw, its very very sweet and they seem a kind of...surprised!!

Juliana Motzko disse...

Yes, that says a lot :o)

And how could I forget your name? lol... you know me, the people that I really care about, I don't forget... wherever they are, whatever happened.

About my artworks, I'm glad you liked them. This year I started my second graduation and a new types of Art... like photography ;o)
You can see my photography's works at my flickr.

Just curious: you said you read a lot about me recently... what you read? (lol)
I hope you're happy too. You know how I like you and wish you the best, always.


Anônimo disse...

I read an Interview somewhere, I saw your facebook, and flickr after that... , I also like the things your boyfriend do with photos and paper ( I laugh a lot with He-man stuff)

you are always so curious isnt it?

Somethings never change... lol

I´m fine, I´m at work, I´m always at work, but you know they need me!!

Juliana Motzko disse...

lol... the papercrafts!! lol
I do like them too, but I don't know do that like Mario does. But I'm going to do that too!!! I'm always curious.. about everything, you know! :D And I like to learn new things.

So I think you visited our blog about drawings... "Os Nossos Rabiscos".. do you?

Yes, I know... they need you. :o) They really need you.
So... and the children?

Anônimo disse...

yes I do, and its soooo fine your draws with pencil are very beautiful too. The "Aquarela" The Dresses, and the little tiny things everything so cute.!

Juliana Motzko disse...

It's my true love... since I was a child I love draw and paint.
It makes me happy!
But I want to get better... my drawings could be better and they will! :D

Anônimo disse...

The nicest thing about all, I believe your art looks like you. I´m not an expert but it says a lot. When, what you do, can show a lot from your self!!

They don´t need to be better, but they will always show more from you, and because of that they will be nicer and nicer... I know.

Juliana Motzko disse...

Thanks :o)
I believe we put so much about ourselves in our Arts... when I say we I mean the artists in general. I don't know you're drawing... I think not, but how knows? Maybe you can surprise me saying that you love to draw too! (lol... just kidding.. but that would be nice).

I'm really happy, dear. :o) Really happy!
I never could imagine that I was be surprised like I'm now... that's amazing!

Anônimo disse...

I can just say the same.

vc pode escrever sempre.


Juliana Motzko disse...

vc tb pode sempre escrever... vou mandar mail tá? :)

bjãooo :o)